About Us



We see the world as a family where everyone is valued and can have a dignified and fulfilling life.  Those who grow food sustainably and in harmony with the earth have an honoured place.  Women are respected and their perspective is integral to decisions.  The energy of youth combines with the experience and wisdom of the elders.  Debate about our future is a subject for everyone, enlivened by creative artists.  Scientists and technologists work together with smallholder farmers to ensure healthy food for all and a good livelihood for the growers.


World Family provides an internet space for farmers to discuss the challenges and solutions of small-scale, ecological farming and makes information available in an accessible form to smallholder farmer organisations.  We raise awareness of threats to ecological farmers and human and environmental health such as Genetic Modification, Patenting Seeds, Agrofuels, Land Grabs and Food Speculation. World Family links together with other NGOs to campaign on these issues.  We celebrate our common struggles and solidarity through music, dance, film, theatre and discussion in small local meetings and global festivals.


World Family was formed in November 2007 in Brighton (UK) when Dr. Olaseinde Arigbede (Coordinator of USMEFAN) was hosted by Healthy Concerts and Walk Your Talk and gave a series of talks in Brighton, Hastings, Bristol and Brecon.  He inspired recognition that, whether we live in the industrial North or the more rural South, we have the same interest in Food being healthy, culturally appropriate and accessible.   In both South and North corporations dominate policy on food, farming and health and we are being driven towards an acceptance of GM despite frequent popular objections.  We are divided by lack of direct contact and understanding.  Together our different wisdom, knowledge and resources can make a better world.



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