It is no news that the issue of Climate Change is a global matter that requires urgent and proper intervention. Generally, the most common mitigation techniques used are sensitization and tree planting. Other techniques include eco friendly ways of living such as the use of solar panels and environmentally friendly stoves and other renewable sources of energy.

Better World Cameroon (BWC), on its part has approached Climate Change mitigation in a different but sustainable way; agro forestry interventions as major strategy to climate change mitigation and adaptation and producing training guides for small and medium scale farmers on using Permaculture for urban and rural regeneration.

In our sensitization program, we have engaged in the use of computers and the internet to carry out Environmental Education through E-classes in primary schools in Yaoundé. On the other hand, we adopted Permaculture in tree planting that demands that before planting any tree you make sure that the tree performs at least 3 functions where it is placed.

The above concept led us to choose the tree Moringa oleifera.

This choice is because of the plant’s numerous benefits, which are easily affordable, yet unknown by many people in Cameroon, and most especially because it grows very well in Cameroon. While mitigating Climate Change, Moringa oleifera provides us with the following:  food (leaves are edible), good shade from sun, for esthetics, building poles, fire wood, fodder and medicine.

Its nutritional values are:

7x Vitamin C than orange

4x Vitamin A than carrots

4x Protein and Calcium than milk

3x Potassium than banana

Its medicinal values are:

-        Natural antibiotics

-        Anti inflammatory

-        Gastric ulcer relief

-        Headache relief

-        Nutrient supplement in malnourished children and nursing mothers

With this in mind, we have pledged to complete our ‘Operation 10,000 moringa trees’ during this year’s upcoming Cameroon’s “Together for a Better World” International  Summer Workcamp in August, 2012 in collaboration with the Yaoundé III Council, and develop a module within our Permaculture programme that can be replicated anywhere else.

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