Research based on ‘Livelihood Security in a Changing Environment: Organic Conservation Agriculture in Mashonaland East’

Written by: Georgina McAllister (GardenAfrica).  Report reviewers John Wilson, Ebbie Dengu, Jeremy Cherfas, & thanks to: Cornelius Murombedzi, Michael Connolly.

Unlocking Zimbabwe’s Organic Potential – GardenAfrica

This report has been developed with the intention of sharing learning from an action

research project entitled: Livelihood Security in a Changing Environment: Organic

Conservation Agriculture in Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe. The partnership initiative was

premised on research which revealed growing domestic demand for organic goods within

Zimbabwe – demand currently serviced by imports from South Africa, while Zimbabwean

smallholders remain net recipients of food aid. The initiative therefore sought to explore

the relative opportunities presented by organic certification and market development for

Zimbabwe’s smallholder farmer sector.


When considering the rehabilitation requirements of healthcare and the learning and

retention demands of childhood education, good quality food and nutrition play a vital role

in building the physical & mental resilience of any nation. For Zimbabwe, this focus could

also signify the squaring of a difficult circle, boosting the development of a sector which

also contributes to building environmental, social and economic resilience in the face of

seemingly overwhelming rural poverty.

Implementing Partners: Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre


Zimbabwe Organic Producers & Promoters Association

Donor: Comic Relief


Contributing Institutions, Organisation & Individuals:


Dr Mutizwa Mukute – participatory farmer research & expansive learning

Dr Roger Mpande – research on agricultural market trends

Mashonaland East Organic PGS Associations

Nelson Kuhudzai – Local market research

Practical Action – M&E, PMSD support

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – pesticidal plant analysis

SIRDC – soil analysis



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